We are offering the most comprehensive variety of anabolic/androgenic steroids to date. Our product diversity reaches from anabolic/androgenic hormones to anti-estrogens over to peptide and proteins indifferent formulations such as tablets, capsules, gels, and injections. 

CJ-PURE - CJC-1295

CJ-PURE - CJC-1...

Most potent growth hormone releasing peptide. Speed up muscle gain and fat loss. For maximum result ..

RM1,100.00 RM1,300.00 Ex Tax: RM1,100.00

IGTROPURE Recombinant IGF-1 Long R3


Stimulate muscle growth locally. Regenerates nerve tissue. Helps burn fat, increase protein transpor..

RM1,160.00 RM1,300.00 Ex Tax: RM1,160.00

MEGA-PURE Mechano Growth Factor

MEGA-PURE Mecha...

Highly anabolic, promote localized muscle growth providing a PUMP and FULL look. Accelerate fat loss..

RM1,200.00 Ex Tax: RM1,200.00

R2-PURE Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-2

R2-PURE Growth ...

Elevates IGF and GH serum levels in the body which leads to muscle gains and fat loss. Helps to heal..

RM1,050.00 Ex Tax: RM1,050.00

R6-PUREGrowth Hormone Releasing Peptide-6

R6-PUREGrowth H...

R6-PURE increases the natural production of human growth hormone in the body and thus have the same ..

RM1,100.00 Ex Tax: RM1,100.00

SOMAPURE - 191aa Human Growth Hormone

SOMAPURE - 191a...

Increase protein synthesis, promotes fat loss. Restores damaged cartilage, tendons & joints. Inc..

RM1,180.00 RM1,400.00 Ex Tax: RM1,180.00